Commercial Law

  • Law of Commercial Enterprise
  • Law of Commercial Papers
  • Companies Law
  • Capital Market Law
  • Merger And Acquisition (M&A)
  • Suspension of Bankruptcy
  • Commercial Litigations
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Transportation Law

Several Litigations for Legal Entities and Real Persons

1. Commercial Litigations

Disputes Between Shareholders
Litigations for Pecuniary and Non-pecuniary damages, Arising Out Of Unfair Competition
Litigations for Withdrawal from Partnership and Winding-Up
Litigation for Liability of the Manager of Limited Companies / of Board of Directors of Joint Stock Companies
Litigation for Commercial Claims
Litigation for Annulment of Objection
Litigation for Suspension of Bankruptcy
Litigation for,International Investment Disputes

2. Civil Litigations

Divorce Litigation
Inheritance Litigations
Real Property Litigation

3. Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

Execution Proceedings, Based on a Claim
Execution Proceedings, Based on a Commercial Paper
Other Proceedings, Which Are Within the Jurisdiction of Enforcement Office
Litigation for Annulment of Objections to Debt and to Signature, Which Are Within the Jurisdiction of Enforcement Courts
Bankruptcy Estate Proceedings

4. Criminal Litigations

Pursuance of Investigation Process
Financial Crimes
a. Banking Crimes
b. Capital Market Crimes
c. Corporate Crimes
d. Tax Crimes
e. Smuggling
Medical Malpractice Crimes
Intellectual and Industrial Property Crimes
Law of Protection of Ancient Arts, Cultural And Natural Properties

5. Construction and Land Use Litigations

6. Tax Litigation

Intellectual Property Law

  • Patent and Utility Model Law
  • Industrial Design Law
  • Trademark Law
  • Litigations, Arising Out Of Intellectual Property

Debt Enforcement And Bankruptcy Law

Tax Law

Consultancy for Companies

  • Incorporations (Joint Stock Company, Limited Liability Company)
  • Preparation of Article of Association
  • Consultancy for Partnerships of Consortium, Joint Ventures
  • Transactions for Opening a Branch
  • Establishment of a Liaison Office
  • Consultancy for Company Management
  • Investment Consultancy
  • Consultancy for pre-Investment Legal Protection
  • Preparation of Contracts for the Related Market of the Investment
  • Preparation of Competition Analysis Report about the Related Market of the Investment
  • Preparation of Report of Entry Conditions to the Turkish Market
  • Consultancy for Public Procurement Process
  • Consultancy About Real Property Law
  • Preparation of Legal Brief in Accordance with the Related Provisions of Turkish Law
  • Acquisition of Company Shares and Preparation of Related Contracts
  • Preparation of Legal Brief About the Current Situation of the Company
  • Consultancy For Banking Transactions And Transactions Before the Banks
  • Financial Consultancy
  • Residence and Work Permit Applications for the Key Personnels and Foreign National Employees of the Company

Labor Law

Real Property Law

Inheritance Law